Rebo Press Book Publishing publishes various authors from different fields and ages. We help bring out the most from their work. From just an idea and rough draft, to editing and publication, Rebo Press endeavors to produce the highest quality literature possible given the conditions in the Third World. We also believe that every author has a story to tell, and that every story deserves to be told.


Rebo Press Book Publishing envisions a renaissance of writing and reading in the Philippines through truly independent writing and publishing. A country that is already in crisis needs reading more than ever. It needs to hear the voices of its children: the artists, writers, and cultural workers of this age. Rebo Press creates a powerful space for writers to be read and heard. By combining cultural production and technological know-how, Rebo Press is able to transcend the traditional boundaries of book publishing in the Third World, and it hopes it can do so for many more years to come.


Rebo Press Book Publishing’s objectives are simple and tied closely to the writers, artists, and the reading public in the Philippines:

  • To create a viable space or platform for cultural workers to be read and heard.
  • To experiment and publish with various forms of media, including but not limited to: printed books, audio books, zines, chapbooks, magazines, quarterly journals, podcasting, CDs, live streaming and broadcasting, and textbooks.
  • To overcome the challenges of traditional publishing in the Philippines and to pave the way for the new generations of writers to surface from obscurity and to contribute to the reading culture of the country.
  • To create exciting and innovative publishing solutions, both for print publishing and digital publishing.
  • To connect meaningfully to different communities and spread the message of independent publishing as far and wide as possible.
  • To influence the Philippine educational system and contribute to its reformation through the production of better and more meaningful educational materials now and in the mere future.

The Founder

Maria Kristelle C. Jimenez is the heart and soul of Rebo Press Book Publishing. She is the chief creative consultant of Rebo Press and does much of the work involved in running an independent press. Rising from her roots strewn across multiple cities across the Philippines, Kristelle is one of a kind genius spamming multiple fields in the publishing industry. Her layouts and design have been featured in many local books fairs and exhibits.

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