Book cover art

At Rebo Press Book Publishing, we also believe that the success in book publishing is not just about its content but also about how people visually see the content once they read it. Successful book layout services give indescribable satisfaction to readers, which is also our goal for the guaranteed happiness between writers, editors, and potential readers.

Book cover art is an essential part of book development. Our artists are experienced with conceptualizing art for different kinds of publications, from children’s stories to philosophy books. Our roster of published authors will show you the breadth of our capacity when it comes to creatively capture the spirit of a book in book cover art.

If you want book cover art that will stand the test of time and provide an iconic look to your book, contact us today. We follow a creative process that encourages the client to provide feedback and input as the art is developed over time. Conversely, we provide our artists with sufficient autonomy and independence to develop art so that their skills will shine fully. This will be a three-part collaboration between our creative team, our artists, and the client.

For this achievement, we will collaborate this job with trustful layout artists to have a balanced proportion of qualitative written output and aestheticism with page designs. The readability factor of books relies on this part; that is why we will make sure your precious manuscripts will never become eyesores once it gets published.

This book layout services include the whole book’s reformatting page by page. We will also weigh in the balance of editing pages and paragraphs, decongesting the book for more excellent readability, a consistent and appropriate style of typography that is easy to read, and the proper usage of images for book content especially if it is a graphic novel.

Availing of this service will align with our publishing principles of bringing out the best of third-world book publishing despite all the conditions brought upon by our country. With this, Rebo Press will showcase the culture of qualitative Philippine literature in the 21st century to the content writing and the book layout.

To bring the renaissance of writing and reading in the Philippines, we would like to start achieving it by relying on independent book layout services provided by our trusted partners in the art industry and publishing services. Moreover, with various readers, from children to academicians, we want this publishing network to provide cultural production by Filipinos and for readers in and out of our country.

If you wish to add this service together with book consultation and editing services, kindly write this intention to the same original email you will send to us. If you wish to only avail of this service from us, please attach to your application request your manuscript’s fully-consulted and edited version and your suggestion on how we should layout your book. If there is no answer from your application after days, send a mail thread of follow-up to us.

Once screened, we will show you proof of our collaborative work for your book layout project with our partnered layout artist. With a balanced proportion of literary creativity and page design, we promise to design the pages on your desired output meticulously.

If you are not satisfied with the first draft of the design, we will re-edit the work to ensure our service meets your expectations and visioned editing. Consultation is two-way communication between editors and authors, and we would like to hear your suggestions for the betterment of your manuscript.

We will send you a detailed and transparent computation of all the services for the payment process. Should there be problems with payment, feel free to contact us in our email or social media inbox.

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