Book Editing

In this era where misinformation and fake news are taken unethically in social media, we should also care about sharing appropriate and qualitative outputs. As we believe here in Rebo Press, transcending ideas from traditional book publishing and influencing people through Third World publishing will be achieved through this modern cultural consciousness and understanding.

Our editors are adept in developmental editing and line editing of all kinds of manuscripts. We deal not just with literary works but also technical documents for companies and other organizations. Reach out to us with your manuscript, and we will send a quote and turnaround time for our editing services. Do note that we offer high-level editing, and we also encourage academic authors to hire us to improve their works further.

With our fight against mass exploitation of literature, thorough editing and proofreading of your outputs come to light. To produce qualitative publishing, correcting works for appropriate and powerful writing to combat the reading crisis is our top priority. We believe that editing services for books should not be about the short glamors and the hustle culture idea of mass profit, but rather, a long-lasting impact on readers that will be effective for the next generations.

If you still wish to work with us, we can upgrade the manuscript consultation service to editing it after our suggestions. Our in-house editors have years of experience editing numerous copies of manuscripts in our country’s official languages: Filipino and English.

This service includes correcting typographical errors and hyphenations, punctuation, and grammatical structures. We will also make sure that your manuscript meets contemporary writing standards from its style, tone, and consistency of the plot and character personalities. We will also give thoughtful queries about possible unclear write-ups, improvements with the manuscript, and general advice for your soon-to-be-published manuscripts.

Besides editing, we will also offer a thorough and precise proofreading service throughout this phase. Even if your manuscripts are under the fictional writing section, we should still have ethics in sharing accurate and factual information in the literature.

We will make sure that your editor will do all of your suggested objectives for editing the work to achieve this. Suggested goals might include the organization and focus of chapters and scenes, the paragraph structure and flow, and guides for the final revisions of the manuscripts.

To avail of these book editing services, add the additional request for it and the consultation to your email application. If you wish to only avail of this kind of service from our publication, we are thankful for your trust to work with us and promise to give our best quality of editing your manuscripts.

We will screen your application for editing through email. Please attach your story’s short synopsis, your objective for the manuscript and how you’d like us to edit it, and the manuscript itself. We will appreciate your patience in this process. If there are no responses after days of sending your request, feel free to follow up on your application.

Once screened, we will provide an in-house editor that matches your preferences and the way you envision the book. Your manuscripts will be carefully edited and proofread with combined years of experience in the online publication and print industry.

Finally, the payment process will be as transparent and detailed as possible. If there are problems with the payment fee instructions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us in our email or social media message sections.

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