Queer lit

Fragile universes

Alexander is a rebel with ambition to change the world through technology. H is a renaissance man whose creative soul belies the will to find himself. When a series of serendipitous events made their paths cross, they had to decide if they were mere coincidences after all.


Jay-ar Paloma works in human resources. He writes fiction and commentaries about culture, society, and the LGBT movement. He is the author of postmodern musings, a collection of prose published under Vox Populi PH and featured at the 2021 Frankfurt Book Fair. His short stories, poetry, and essays have also been published in Revolt Magazine, 60FPS Gaming, and Esquire Magazine, among others. He is a consultant for Vox Populi PH and podcast host for VOX POPcast, leading a group of young writers and cultural workers. He spends his time between his two homes in Pateros and Pampanga.

about the illustrator

Bea Joy Javier is a full-time graphic designer who also does illustration projects for fun. She’s always at her desk, magically turning white blank pages into colorful and happy drawings. Once in a while, you will see her outside with her camera or her sketchbook. She capture people doing seemingly boring activities and turn them into amazing stories.


Fragile Universes follows two very different young men whose lives should have never coincided. This is a coming-of-age story filled with identity crisis, class struggle, and young love, with a smattering of fate and the power of choices, all intertwined.

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