Rebo Press Book Publishing offers editorial, design, and layout services to the Philippines and international community. We are an independent publishing outfit based in Pampanga. Our team is composed of talented and highly skilled layout artists, writers, editors, and traditional to digital artists.

We have helped published several titles of note, from indie authors in the Philippines to more established names in the literary community. We are flexible and adaptable. Rebo Press strives to meet all of the requirements of our clients’ publishing with our diverse group of skills and services.

If you need a full team assembly for the development of a newsletter, magazine, book, or digital or print publication, contact us today to get started.

Manuscript Consultation

If you are thinking of self-publishing a paper or submitting a manuscript for a university publication or any publication, run it past us. We offer competitive rates, and we will produce a comprehensive report regarding the state of your manuscript, as well as concrete steps that you can take to improve it.

Editing Services

Our editors are adept in developmental editing and line editing of all kinds of manuscripts. Reach out to us with your manuscript, and we will send a quote and turnaround time for our editing services.

Book Cover Art

Book cover art is an essential part of book development. We follow a creative process that encourages the client to provide feedback and input as the art is developed over time.

Book Cover Design

After creating beautiful art for a client’s manuscript, the next step is to create the book cover design. A design specialist will be assigned to handle your project to oversee the application and layout of typefaces, typography, and art.

Book Design

The next step before printing is the toughest one: book design. Book design is the process of incorporating a great blend of elements to make the book shine.

Website Creation

The success of any published book is hinged on its online presence. As an author, you must have an independence ton line presence where people can buy your book and learn more about your work.


Rebo Press Book Publishing has a dependable network of printers. This being the case, you don’t have to go around looking for the best book printing services anymore, because we already know who delivers.

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